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We Measure our Success by Our Effort 

We celebrate the drive for academic achievement first. Then, we honor and reflect upon the successes that ensue from our effort.

Every week at Rumsey, students are evaluated on their academic effort. The "Effort List" is designed to encourage students to meet (or surpass!) developmentally-appropriate learning benchmarks. The frequent positive reinforcement from our faculty and other students helps children develop their internal motivation and form the habit of pursuing excellence.

Our small, close-knit community allows for a sustained focus on values. In the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the community, our students develop an appreciation for the importance of hard work and practice in every aspect of their lives. 

“Since its inception, Rumsey has retained its original mission to educate the “Whole Child”. The School believes that teaching academic skills and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. Effort is emphasized as a criterion for success. In accordance with this mission, each child is evaluated on his or her effort every week. ” Rob Brenner, Lower School Director

Lower School

Kindergarten–IIIrd Form (Grades K–5)

We create nurturing learning spaces for inquiry, interconnection, and the development of independence.

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Upper School

Vth–VIIth Form (Grades 6–9)

We cultivate academic experiences that shape character, encourage awareness, reward responsibility, and increase confidence.

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Teaching the Mind, Body, and Emotions of a Child

The four pillars of our Character and Community Living Skills program are the framework to our mission of the whole child educational approach. We nourish and train a child's spirit and mental and physical wellness throughout our curriculum.

Rumsey Students Matriculate to Remarkable Secondary Schools!